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AIX Admin

Required Skills:  AIX
Location:  Mumbai
Employment Type:  Contract
Experience:  1-2 yrs.
validThrough:  04-10-2017
Job Description: 

• IBM-AIX System Administrator - User Administration: Creating users, groups and Limits, Managing users & related attributes. - Device Management: Configuring & Managing devices. - Logical volume management: creating & managing VGs, LVs. - Mirror & clone rootvg, migration of lv & PV. - File system: Creating File system, Increase and decrease FS, Mounting of FS. - Paging space – Creating secondary Ps, Increase and decrease Ps. - Checking Errors & taking necessary actions. - Backups: taking MKSYSB backup of rootvg, taking other VGs & data backup. - Scheduling Jobs Using Crontab. - Software, Package & Patch installation. - Booting process, handling important logs. - Familiar with SMITTY, Mirroring, Paging space management, creation of CRON jobs and User account management and password reset. • TSM application & IBM 3584 series tape library - Changing parameters of node - Creating Node for Backup. - Scheduling & managing backups. - Managing sessions of backups in TSM - Updating node & their attributes. - Checking and assigning new tapes in pool. - Delete & define tapes in pool.


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