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UI Designer

Required Skills:  UI DESIGNER
Location:  UAE
Employment Type:  Contract
Experience:  4 - 12 yrs.
validThrough:  20-09-2017
Job Description: 

UI Designer Job description 2. Job purpose (Give a brief summary (2-3 sentences) of the purpose of the position and how that work impacts business results) We seek a UI designer with a passion for problem solving and with an amazing design talent. Have you got the ability to empathize with users and turn that empathy into design insight? Can you prototype amazing experiences as well as creating fantastic UI design? Do you truly understand the difference between UX and UI and can demonstrate an outstanding skill in either or both areas? The digital product portfolio is growing and we want you to join us in creating exceptional experiences that span our vast product portfolio covering web, app and TV.  3. Key accountabilities Description Performance indicators Planning and organisation 1. Write up initial design briefs with internal stakeholders to determine the style, look, feel and functionality for multi-screen digital projects in order to facilitate most appropriate implementation. 2. Iteratively conceptualize, explore, evaluate Web/Mobile Apps’ visual design/development solutions and support their end to end implementation. 3. Provide inputs into development of selfcare RFP & implementation roadmap 4. Ensure and manage healthy relationships with partners, agencies to ensure 360 degree support 5. Monitor and manage delivery of desired levels of output from internal stakeholders for medium and long term projects 6. Work with mobile app developers to assess the feasibility of implementing solutions to meet targeted deliverables with stringent timelines. 7. Ensure the visual conceptualization of interaction flow, screen layout, and behaviour of features in line with digital brand guidelines. Create, maintain and continuously develop a library of technical specifications (HTML, CSS, JavaScript code frameworks) and assets (user interface components, interactive elements and layout templates) to improve operational efficiency. 8. Produce multiple unique stylistic approaches to digital design problems to help address customer centric requirements. 9. Continuously follow and implement latest UI/UX and development trends 10. Proactively support other team members to share team workload 1. Achievement of Actual vs. target 2. Ensuring launch of design guidelines for partners 3. # of delivered projects 4. Delivery of # of ad hoc projects 5. Project Delivery as per the agreed quality and timelines 6. Effective implementation of UX and UI design 7. # of observation from audit 8. Ensuring process documents availability 4. Qualifications, experience, skills and competencies Minimum experience: • 5-7 years’ work experience of Graphic, Web & Mobile User Interface Design & Development and/or digital project management and development. Minimum education: • Bachelor’s degree and Diploma in design or related field Knowledge and skills: • Expert in user experience or user interface design in online or app ecosystems. Experience with user centric research and evaluation, insights and analysis. • Solid demonstration of journey creation, prototyping executed in amazing user interface design. • Knowledge of various mobile application development frameworks (e.g. Xcode, Android SDK etc.) • Peer reviews, able to give and receive constructive feedback on all UX deliverables • Familiarity with product development lifecycle • IA/UX Tools – Expert in visualising design concepts- e.g. Balsamiq, Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator • Flexible attitude to business and design direction • Excellent oral and written communication skills • Documentation skills, compile clear specifications to designs where required • Resourcefulness, initiative and independence` • Excellent planning and management skills • Ability to manage and coordinate the work of others, both internal staff and external agencies Competencies: Please provide the level of competency as per the grade: Level 1 for grades 12-13, Level 2 for grades 14-15, level 3 for grades 16-16a, level 4 for grades 17-17a State competency levels from the competencies framework. • Think strategically (Level 3 of 5) • Achieve tangible results (Level 3 of 5) • Lead breakthrough change (Level 3 of 5) • Exceed customer expectations (Level 3 of 5) • Nurture, Inspire and Motivate (Level 3 of 5) • Target win-win outcomes (Level 3 of 5)


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